Door Installation – Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do It Yourself

Door Installation – Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do It Yourself

Wood garage doors can be easily customized to fit your needs. One distinct advantage is that,Customization Options for Wood Garage Doors Articlesregardless of the shape of your garage entryway, doors can be made to fit properly. By measuring the dimensions of your garage at the outset of the process, you can ensure that the resulting wood garage doors will fit perfectly. Because of this, the sizes available are extremely flexible. Most garage door vendors will include the measurements as part of the process of making custom wood garage doors for you.

The potential options for the appearance of wood garage doors are almost limitless. They can be painted or stained.
There are many different species of wood that can be used for doors, including cedar mahogany, hemlock, and even redwood. Wood garage doors are usually formed from panels of wood that are hinged together, so as to allow the Garage Door Installation  door to open and close easily. If hinged, the door can retract into the garage when being opened, making parking your vehicle easy and hassle free. Several styles of door are available. You will want to discuss those options with your garage door provider specifically. The carriage house look has become popular in the last decade, but you may want the more traditional look of raised panel or recessed panel. Be sure to ask about the level of customization that your provider offers.

Choosing the right spring for your door is also an important decision. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the electric garage door opener that lifts the door, but instead the springs attached to the door itself. Extension spring systems use pulleys and springs to physically lift the door. The torsion spring system instead uses the potential energy in tightly wound springs contained in a cable drum to move the door. The springs coil up to open the door and unravel to close it. Torsion springs do not require an additional safety cable and are considered more reliable.

Maintaining the springs usually entails lubricating them. You will want to ask about maintenance when purchasing the door. Safety is important, and careful maintenance will ensure the safety of everyone who uses your garage. Lubrication will keep the springs moving smoothly and quietly. Changing the springs may need to be carried out at some point. Once again, asking if this service is provided will help you make the decision about what kind of door to choose.

Wood garage doors have several advantages that you may not have previously considered. Buying customized doors is a big decision, so knowing your options will help you decide the material and look of your wood garage door.